Get Unlimited Gmail Email Addresses | Email Plus Addressing

Get Unlimited Gmail Email Addresses | Email Plus Addressing

You can add a plus sign (+) after your email address, and message will still get to your inbox. Plus (+) is a absolutely valid character in the email address, defined by the RFC standard (RFC 822).

Let say your address is, and you want to label automatically all working e-mails. Add a plus sign and a phrase to make it

Block Spam

It is very convenient to register to websites with an email address with plus addressing: and if you receive unsolicited email to this address it's easy to track where the spammers got your email address from and also it's easy to block it.

Note: Many sites reject addresses with a plus sign - in this case you have to usetemporary email address services.

Email Plus Addressing In Gmail

Gmail supports plus addressing. The number of Gmail e-mail addresses are unlimited.

Go to Settings->Filters and create a filter for messages addressed to

If you receive periodic updates or you are subscribed to a lot of mailing lists that you don't check them often, you can send that kind of mail to the archives and bypass your Inbox. For the mailing list, you could give as your address, and assign a filter that will archive mail to this address automatically.