Improve email sending


HTML Source Code

Remember, that technically incorrect emails are often identified as spam. HTML source code is another important moment. Never use applications that create awful HTML code. If your message has too complicated structure, or contains empty or invalid tags, email servers may regard such emails as spam. Try not to overload your message with illegible fonts, bright backgrounds, or other elements that will distract the readers' attention.


Make the layout of your email as simple as possible. Keep in mind that your newsletters should be informative. The information you share has more value than the outlook of your message. The outlook should be simple and function. So, try to avoid complex formatting.


You will considerably increase the deliverability, if about 80% of your message is text.  Try to substitute picture buttons with HTML. Don't include large images. The same goes about active components such as JavaScript and ActiveX. The less graphic you employ the better will be the results.

Message Personalization

It's a good tone to personalize your messages. Avoid generic salutation such as "Dear User" or "Dear Customer". With Bulk Mailer email personalization becomes an automated process. With Bulk Mailer email personalization becomes an automated process which allows sending unique messages to every recipient. If your mailing list contains various data, such as first name, last name, company name, tile, country, etc, you can add all these fields into your message.

Subject line

Never mislead your recipients by writing deceptive subject lines. The subject line should reflect the content of the message. It's a bad idea to include a note that your message is not spam.

Message content

It is advisable to use normal conversational language. There's no need to use redundant spacing, capitalization, or uncommon spelling or characters.

HTML vs Plain text

There's no need to give preference either to messages created in HTML-editors or plain text. Instead, it is advisable to include a plain text version in addition to your HTML email. Plain text version is necessary mainly for anti-spam filters rather than for your recipients. It will give you a guarantee that your messages won't be regarded as spam. Bulk Mailer creates plain text version by default, no matter whether you've created the message in Bulk Mailer's editor or imported the template from the file.


Sending Process

Disable Scanning of Outgoing Emails

To improve Bulk Mailer's performance the first thing to do is to disable checking outgoing emails for viruses. In fact, you should scan the message for viruses only once. If you scan every outgoing message, it will not only slow down the process, but also prevent the majority of your messages from being delivered.

Sending Mode

Bulk Mailer works via direct and relay sending modes.

Direct sending mode is the default mode. It works as a built-in SMTP server. It is of utmost importance to have access to 25 port. If it is blocked by your ISP, you won't be able to send messages via direct sending mode, only via relay mode.

Relay sending mode uses your ISP's SMTP (or any other you specify). Every ISP has its own limits on the number of messages sent. Please, contact your ISP to find out if there is such limit. If the limit is 200 messages per day, the program will fail to send 5000 messages via relay sending mode.

If you don't have a possibility to use direct mode or your ISP's SMTP, you can use one of the following options:

· Order shared hosting account (it always comes with SMTP server access). Pay attention to number of messages allowed per day.
· Install Bulk Mailer on Windows Dedicated Server, Virtual Private Server or Virtual Dedicated
- Use our add-on sending script Server
· Use Socks Proxy servers


If you're using relay sending mode, it's important to use a trust-worthy SMTP server. If you're using unreliable SMTP, the rate of undeliverable mails will be much higher. A good SMTP guarantees a high speed of sending and delivery rate.