How to create and send newsletters with Bulk Mailer

HTML Templates

Free Templates for Emails

Bulk Mailer provides with a set of free templates that will help you to create good looking professional emails fast and easy. If necessary- your emails can be easily customized.

Import and Export

You can import email lists from various sources. These can be Microsoft Outlook, Windows Address Book, Excel, CSV, Text, and External Data sources. Feel free to export data to Excel, Text, and External Data Sources through ODBC/OLE DB.

Images Support

Make your messages more vivid. Use images of various formats. Use attachments, thus avoiding the situation when a message is too big and difficult to read.


Personalizing your message you increase your chances during email marketing campaign. “Dear Mr. Brown” will be much better than “Dear Sir/Customer”. Make your emails different using the email merges with personalization features.

Avoid being spamlisted

During mass mailing don't forget to put the unsubscribe link. By this you offer your client the right of choice. Opt-in/ opt-out forms are customary things in email marketing. Also the "unsubscribe" form, as well as our “check spam rate” option on the website will help you to avoid being rejected by spam system.

Any language permitted

Bulk Mailer Professional allows you to use different languages while composing the message. Just set the CHARSET.

Use several editors in one message

Try to create your emails using both Text and HTML.  Sending the “hybrid” emails will exclude situation when the recipient has disabled HTML message viewing and he can't see that.

Import all your clients' details

Insert all the details about the customers you have into Bulk Mailer Professional. Use mail merge feature. It is rather convenient if you have a large email list and prefer to personalize your messages.

Perform permission-based email marketing campaigns

To make your email marketing campaign legal use Subscription and Unsubscription forms. These are automatically managed with Bulk Mailer Professional. After your client receives a message and clicks “subscribe” or “unsubscribe” the program automatically generates it and the sender is automatically added to a corresponding list.

Bounced mails management

If the message is hard bounced, Bulk Mailer will automatically delete it from your mailing server. The other types of bounced messages can be deleted manually or transferred to a special folder.

Import unlimited email lists

Bulk Mailer Software provides you with the possibility to create as many groups as you need and import unlimited amount of email lists. The maximum size of a database is 2 GB.

Black List management

Create your own blacklist of email addresses or domains that will be automatically excluded from the list, thus making those impossible to be sent.

Email Merge

In the professional version of our Bulk Mailer there are created nine important fields to customize. Fill them up to possess more detailed information about your client when you perform mass mailing.

SMTP Configuration

If you want you may set several SMTP servers. It is quite easy and the software will use all of them while performing the sending.

Duplicates excluded

You don't need to seek duplicates with other programs. Bulk Mailer will exclude them during the sending.

Manage the Schedule

With the “Schedule” option you will be able to set the day and the time of the next mass mailing. It is very convenient when you have a lot of extensive email lists.

Schedule your mailing so that it will be automatically sent at a given day and time.

Get all needed information from the Logs

Logs will show you the whole process of sending. It may be very supportive. In case when your computer crashes or the program has accidentally stopped and you don't want to send duplicate messages you may find all necessary information about the sent emails in the log of Bulk Mailer Professional.

Watch your Customers

Use our tracking option. Analyze your costumers' actions.  The tracking statistics  will show you:

Recipients who opened your email (unique opens)

Recipients who clicked the links in your message 

Links which were clicked (unique clicks)

Geographic localization - statistics about the links clicked grouped by country and by IP.

Date the link was clicked

New version of Bulk Mailer

The last version of Bulk Mailer is enriched with more attractive user interface and with new icons. The upgraded version allows more possibilities to the user. The engineers who worked on this tried to exclude unpleasant moments, like some bugs and errors that were in the previous version of the program. The software began to work faster and became even more effective.

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