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Bulk Email Sender - Bulk Mailer
Bulk Mailer is a highly professional email marketing software that offers high performance in the building of email lists and the creation of personalized and easy to create HTML newsletters. This bulk email sender is designed to streamline the process of sending mass emails. Instead of having to have a thorough knowledge of HTML and manually enter email addresses prior to sending a newsletter to recipients, this bulk email sending software removes the time consuming elements so that time can be spent doing more important tasks.

Key Benefits that Make Bulk Mailing Easier

There are a lot of functions and settings within this bulk mailer software, which makes it the most difficult program. At the same time, this email sender simplifies the creation of personalized HTML newsletters and mailing lists. Other technical features include:

  • Mail merge and high personalization
  • Powerful HTML editor with image, flash, and attachment capabilities
  • Contact lists are private
  • Automatic processing of bounced emails
  • Custom opt-in forms that are embedded into the website to encourage subscribers to subscribe and to provide you with as much information as you like through additional custom fields
  • Tracking of email opens, clicks, unsubscribers (addon paid service)
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Integrate seamlessly with Email Verifier
  • Easily backup the program and restore it if needed by being able to easily transfer data from one computer to another

The Bounce Manager manages undelivered emails by sorting them into categories so that the bounced email addresses can be automatically unsubscribed and removed from the list

Email marketing campaign scheduling to send automatically later so that you do not have to be present to initiate the process

This is a mass email sender with a lot of functions and settings, as can be seen from above. However, it is a bulk email sender software that is highly powerful in that it strengthens marketing campaigns by taking the mystery out of email lists and the confusion out of managing subscribers.

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Features that Make Email Marketing Easier

This is a bulk email sender software that allows for the effective creation of impact email and contains a number of general features that sets it apart from other types of bulk emailer software.

Import and export contacts easily through:

  • Microsoft Outlook, Excel, CSV, Text, Windows Address Book
  • external databases, such as MS Access, MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, and other popular CRM databases that enable you to send emails to contacts without having to import/export
  • Also import list files easily
  • Export to Text, Excel, or another external database

Different sending options:

  • Three sending modes: Direct, Delay, and Burst
  • Get a detailed sending results report
  • Detailed sending monitor
  • If emails fail to send, emails can be resent unlimited times
  • Log every action in detail

Other features:

  • Import plain text and HTML messages
  • International characters are supported for worldwide mailing campaigns
  • Set up multiple email accounts
  • Process tags in subject
  • Support for styled text

Email Sending Software that is Fast

Speed is everything, which is why this bulk mail sender is the fastest that can be found on the market, utilizing up to 500 simultaneous connections. However, the speed cannot send any faster than the network connection and the hardware being used will allow.

Nonetheless, the mail sender is able to utilize a connection and the hardware to its full potential. This speed is possible through built-in SMTP, the ability to work with existing ISP mail settings rather than have to set new, and the ability to manage bounced emails.

Bulk Mailer is just one important piece of the extensive Email Marketing Studio that also includes Email Verifier.

Built-In SMTP Server

The speed has a lot to do with the built-in SMTP server that is quite powerful and enables emails to be sent directly from the PC to the mail server of the recipient, which means the ISP SMTP server is completely bypassed. This speeds up the message sending process and will eliminate up to 70% of the notifications that you receive that stat the mail was not deliverable.

The built-in SMTP server also solves the problem of an ISP not allowing their SMTP server to be bypassed and this is done through relay mode. Relay mode means a specific number of messages are sent per hour so that the ISP does not close their 25 port, preventing you from sending emails. Relay mode simply keeps you from breaking any of your ISP’s rules.

You also have burst mode that allows you to specify a list and the software sends messages to all emails on that list at once.

Using Google Analytics to Analyze Campaigns

Google Analytics is free to use and will help you track visitor behavior to your website. Most importantly, you can track how many are entering the website from the email newsletter because Google Analytics reveals traffic sources. This information can be used to set goals, make changes to future newsletters for better conversions, and so much more so that you can increase your targeted website traffic.


Lastly, privacy is guaranteed. Not only do you receive a very powerful email marketing system, but you receive one without the worry of security being breached and customer data compromised. There are other programs on the market that cannot guarantee email lists will not be hacked. In this case, you receive security and such a high degree of customization and personalization options that you will increase your conversions and your bottom line. All of your information is stored securely on your computer in a way that no one can hack your list and maliciously use the email addresses on it.


Antivirus and security software like Zone Alarm, Norton Antivirus, Panda or other firewall can deny the access to Internet. Make sure that your antivirus programs and firewall allow the software to connect the Internet via 80 and 25 Ports. Otherwise, Bulk Mailer will not be able to send messages. Outgoing emails checking is also required to be disabled in these programs. In case you want to use direct sending mode, make sure you have access to SMTP Port 25. Working under a firewall, the user can sent via socks proxy server or use relay sending mode. Bulk Mailer can be also installed on Dedicated/VPS Windows server. A special Email Sending Script can be used as well.

Pay attention to the sending speed that may vary. It can depend on  your nternet connection speed and the size of your messages.