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  • Install the program.
  • Start the program.
  • Click "register" in "help" menu of the program.
  • Enter the registration key and restart the program.


Email Templates

If you've created a template and it arrives scrambled, that means it has a problem related to CSS styles embedded in HTML file. You have to move all CSS declaration in separate .CSS file. This is related to bug in Microsoft DHTML library.
If you're using Microsoft Publisher for creating templates, you should take only those templates intended for emails. Other templates contain specific tags that are not compatible with email clients.


Images in Email Messages

Please check that source HTML with images was saved to your hard disk. Copy & paste does not work with images.

Outlook locks by default all images from the Internet. You have to change this behavior in settings. It's recommended to use gif, jpeg or png format. Images may not appear if they are saved in wrong extension. Explorer and other programs will be able to open and show them, but if you publish such image on the Web or send them by email they will not appear. There are also several HTML features related to CSS style that are not supported by email clients. If the message was created in Microsoft Word it contains many HTML tags not supported by email clients.


Why the delivery failed:

Blocked by antivirus software

Antivirus software like Norton Antivirus, Zone Alarm, Panda (and other firewall, security and antivirus software) can reject access to the Internet. You have to allow Bulk Mailer to connect Internet, otherwise it will not be able to register.

Direct Sending Mode - IP address is blacklisted.

In this case you can't use "Direct Mode" at all. All your messages will be rejected or moved to the spam folder.

In this case you should Socks Proxy Servers (not HTTP proxy).

Also we suggest to use "Relay SMTP Servers" mode. Set the same settings that you have in email client program (Outlook, or other). In this mode use several SMTP servers. You can buy several shared hosting accounts or several email hosting accounts (with SMTP) at specialized services. 

If you still want to use "Direct mode", you have to set "Send Only via SMTP" option in settings for the following domains:,,, The program will send emails these domains only via SMTP. Open settings windows, select "Domain Rules" tab: mark "Send Only via SMTP" and enter domains one per line.

Also you can buy dedicated server or VPS hosting (windows only) and install software on server.

Bought Mailing Lists

If you bought mailing lists or extracted them from the websites, remember that they always contain spam trap email addresses.