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Our tracking service makes it possible to gain useful statistics on your email campaign:

  • Recipients who opened your email
  • Recipients who clicked the links in your message
  • Links which were clicked
  • Geographic localization - statistics about the links clicked grouped by country and by IP.
  • Date the link was clicked

Also, the program allows to manage automatically unsubscribe requests.

Tracking Plans

Every plan is limited only by the number of recipients in your contact list. This means you have a possibility to make an unlimited number of tracking per month. Please, choose the plan that exceeds or is equal to your contact list. If your contact list exceeds the number of recipients in the plan you've bought, the rest of the contacts will be ignored.

We offer the following tracking plans:

Contact list size       Monthly            Yearly       
1 000         $24.9 Order
10 000   $9.9  Order   $94.9 Order
50 000   $19.9  Order  
100 000   $39.9 Order      


Tracking Domain

Tracking is performed by  special tracking links, which are inserted into the message. These links point to the server which register the clicks made by users and record them into the database.

Tracking link look as follows:

Every user is given his own domain in order to prevent the emails to be marked as spam.

You can install a PHP script for tracking on your website and set its URL in the settings. The script you can download via link "Download script".

If you are an advanced user, you can configure your own domain by yourself.  In order to set up tracking function, you'll have to configure the domain which will point to our tracking service. Create a sub domain for your website and point it to ip address of tracking service (Create A Record and point it to ip address ""). Then open Bulk Mailer, click Settings, open Tracking Tab and insert your domain name into the User Domain field.

Bulk Mailer - Tracking Settings

In case you don't have your own domain, or you don't know how to configure it, you can order our domain which is already configured.

Tracking Settings

As soon as you pay for tracking service and domain set up, all required data will appear in Settings, Tracking tab. In order to activate tracking, you'll have to check Enabled in the Tracking tab. Once tracking is activated, all links in your messages will be automatically replaced by tracking ones.

Tracking Statistics

Tracking statistics shows detailed information about the recipients' behavior: who opened your message, who clicked through it, and who unsubscribed.
To view tracking statistics, select the message you've sent and click on "Tracking" button. Bulk Mailer - Tracking Statistics

You will see a window dialog Tracking reports where you can see your message's statisticts.


If you choose option 'Opens' , you can see the email addresses of the recipients who opened your email. You will be able to see the detail information about each user such as Email, IP, Country.

Note: The open tracking code works for HTML emails only. If the recipient reads the email with images blocked, or on a mobile device in the plain text format, the open is not counted.


If You choose option "Clicks",  the report dialog window will appear and reflect a list of all links that have been opened from your message. You will be able to select each link and see the detail information about each user.


If you choose "Unsubscribers" option, the report dialog window will appear and reflect a list of all recipients which sent you an unsubscribe request.
You can unsubscribe any user by yourself. Press "Unsubscribe from Contact Lists" button. It will invoke a dialog window which will ask You to choose a list to unsubscribe the user from.