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Bulk Mailer comes with a bundle of ready to be used email templates which can be easily customized to meet your needs. You can easily insert pictures and logos, add colors to create professionally-looking emails. To customize the templates you don't have to posses profound knowledge of HTML. All you need to do is to select the style, add images and paste the text.

All templates can be previewed in browser under the Templates tabpage.

Bulk Mailer's built-in html editor allows you to create templates of your own.

To create a new template, you have to do the following:

  1. Click New button on the Templates tabpage. A Template Editor will appear.

    Use HTML Editor tools to create template of your own. You can use any other email template to customize it to your needs, add images and links, change layout and font, etc.

  2. Click Open button and select the email template in html-document to bring about the changes.

    You can insert your own text in selected template.

  3. Click Save button after you've made changes.

To use the email template, you have to do the following:

  1. Create a new message or edit the old message.
  2. Click Templates button to upload the one of the built-in template or a template of your own.

  3. Double-click the email template you want to use. The desired template will show up in HTML Editor.