Google Analytics Reports


With Google Analytics report you may measure the effectiveness of your sent messages.

How to start using Google Analytics

To start using Google Analytics you need a Google account first. You can sign up here.

Then, a few javascript code lines are necessary in order to make Analytics work.

This block of code is unique for each website and is provided by Google. It's necessary in order to generate statistics on the page containing it.

A landing page is simply a specific webpage that a visitor views after clicking on a link on your email.

How to configure Google Analytics links in the program

1. Create a new message or open the existing message.

2. Click on the Advanced tab.

3. Check the Enabled option and specify the parametres in the Google Analytics group.

Campaign source: this variable allows you to separate out different types of email campaigns. We used the word "LiveMailer" so that when you examine statistics, you will see only LiveMailer email campaigns related data.

Campaign medium: Email is the delivery vehicle you're using, so we suggest to leave the word "email" untouched.

Campaign name: this parameter allows to identify a specific product promotion or email marketing campaign.

4. Specify the URL of the landing page your recipient visits when he clicks on the Linked text described above.

Google Analytics statistics

After your message sending, you can check Google Analytics statistics on your account.