Direct Mode Configuration

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Additional configuration is required for Direct sending mode (buil-in smtp server).

Better if you install and run software on any windows server (dedicated, vps, vds, cloud).

Windows Server Configuration

For better delivery server with Bulk mailer should be configured like mail server. For this you should properly configure your own domain "". Better if your domain exists for more than a month.

 1. Configure DNS records for this domain:

Create/Edit "MX" record:

Create "A" record "mail" pointing to ip address of server with Bulk mailer.

Create/Edit "SPF" record "v=spf1 a mx -all".

Mimimal set of DNS records for

Host Type IP address / Domain name
  A IP address of your web server
mail A IP address of your server with bulk mailer
  SPF v=spf1 a mx -all

2. Configure Reverse DNS record

 For the IP address of the server with bulk mailer, configure Reverse DNS record pointing to strong>"". This can be done via control panel of your hosting.

ip address =>

3. Configure the software

After you set up a domain, you can use “” for “Hostname” and emails like “” in “From Mail” field.


Home or Work computer

Software autodetects settings, but for better results you can specify own hostname.

Some mail servers can detect that your ip address are from ISP network and does not accept emails or mark them as spam.


SPF Record

You should check "SPF record" of specified domain and your ip address using this tool. SPF record can prohibit sending emails from your ip address and emails can be rejected.



Hostname - specify hostname or ip address of your server.

Mail From - enter any email address from  "" or leave empty and specify correct email address in "From" field at "Message editor" form.


Message Editor - From

In direct sending mode all messages shoudl be only form email address from your domain.

In "From" field of email message in "Message Editor" dialog specify email addres form your domain: