Email Verifier FAQ:

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  1. SMTP Connection at Port 25 Failed or SMTP Port is blocked by ISP

    If the program fails to verify the email addresses, one of the most likely reason is that the port 25 is blocked by your ISP. This port is used for sending and receiving email.
    First of all, make sure that port 25 is open. Check it here:

    If port 25 is blocked, you can act in the following way:

    1) use an external socks proxy server. They are of two types: free (not trustworthy) and paid.
    2) call your your network administrator (if you're working in a company), and ask to open the port 25.
    The other points to check are firewalls or anti-virus software. Enable Email Verifier in the settings of firewall. Switch anti-virus software before starting the program.

  2. DNS server doesn't work - ISP DNS server refuses MX requests

    Use these DNS servers:

  3. Does the program check only domains or also finds dead e-mail addresses?

    Email Verifier checks not only the existence of domains but also the existence of email addresses. Actually, it simulates the sending of the message. The recipient doesn't get anything.

  4.  How to Order.

    Please follow Order Wizard.

    The Registration code is sent by email after payment is processed and verified.

  5.  I bought the registration key for Live Email Verifier yesterday and haven't receive anything.

    Please contact support, and we will resend it ASAP.