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Email Verifier is your powerful solution for e-mail addresses and mail lists verifying. Verifier is designed for users who have their own mailing lists and always need to keep them up-to-date.  There is no need to disturb your clients and friends anymore to check if their email addresses are still valid. Verifier connects directly to their SMTP server and checks it for you. Nothing is sent to the recipient.


Video Tutorials

Quick Start


Verify Email Addresses

1. Enter/Copy email addresses in "Email Addresses" box, or Open/Import them from file.

2. Press "Start Verify" button on Toolbar. Program will check DNS server, Internet Connection and Connection through SMTP port.

To disable testing in future uncheck "Check Connection" checkbox.

3. Immediately after the testing is completed, "Progress" window will appear:

4. Processing finished:

When program finished processing, close the dialog box.


5. Now we have valid address in "Good email addresses" box, and "Bad" addresses in "Bad email addresses" box:

7. To view processing log press "View Log" button on Toolbar:




1. Check Connection Before Processing

Enable checking the Internet connection (DNS servers, SMTP Port)  before processing.

2. Check for Updates

Enable checking for program updates online

3. Skip Addresses from just blocked domains.

Program remembers mail servers which refused connection from your IP / email address and skip other addresses from this server.


When you send an email, the recipient's SMTP server asks for your domain name. It is recommended to use your real domain.
The use of somebody else's domain is allowed but not recommended - SMTP servers with advanced levels of security may refuse connection from you.


This email address is used in the "MAIL FROM" command. This address should be valid, if it is not, mail servers may refuse connection from you.




Press "Test" button to test current SMTP connection.

Connection Type:

  • Direct (TCP Port 25) - Default
  • Socks Proxy (4/4a/5)

Some of ISP are blocking the SMTP port (25), meaning that you can not contact a mail server and verify email address. In this case you have to use the external Socks Proxy Server. Configure Socks Proxy Server on "SOCKS Proxy" Page. We draw your attention that you should use just SOCKS (4/4a/5) proxy server, not HTTP proxy server, which is usually used in Internet Explorer.

In case of blocking you also can connect through anonymous VPN server. You can read more and buy them here:

Max Threads: 20.. 200

Depend on PC performance and Internet connection speed.
Recommended values:
128  Kb/s: 20
256  Kb/s: 40
512  Kb/s: 100
1024 Kb/s: 200

Timeout: 30..120 seconds (default = 30 seconds)

Raise this value only if you have "bad' Internet connection.

Threads per mail server:

Some SMTP servers detect multiply parallel connections from same IP address and reject them. Raising this value will speed up processing, but you can get many false "Bad" results.
We strongly recommend to sort mailing list before processing - addresses from the same domain will be scattered under the list.



The program automatically determines your DNS settings in your current configuration of Windows.

The DNS Servers can be specified as a domain name or an IP-address.

Press "Test" button to test current DNS servers.



Verifier supports SOCKS 4/4a/5 Proxy Servers (usually port 1080).

Verifier doesn't work through HTTP (port 3128 or 8080) or FTP proxies (port 3121).

Fill in the required fields:
Address: Proxy-server address. May be either domain or IP address.
: Usually, it is 1080.

If the server requires authentication, fill in:
User name
: The name (login).
Password: The password

Press "Test" button to test current Socks Proxy Servers.


Domain Rules

There are some SMTP servers configured to receive messages for not-existed accounts, so you cannot check emails from such domains.  So, to speed up the checking process (do not waste time for checking such email addresses because they will be marked as "Good" anyway), you can simply set the rule: all the email addresses for this domain are valid.