How it's working


Bulk Mailer - General Settings

Mail & Contacts

After creating a project ( i.e. autoresponder), you can click Process button on the main toolbar, to activate it. All messages that are sent to your email account will go to Inbox folder. If  the rules you've created for receiving the messages work out, the messages will appear in Processed folder.

subfolder contains bounced email messages. Bounce stands for message or notification that you receive when SMTP server experiences a problem when trying to deliver the message.
Email autoresponder avoids the situations where a loop with another autoresponder may occur. The Loop subfolder is intended for messages causing a loop.

The outgoing messages are shown in Outgoing folder, or in Sent folder in case the sending has already been performed.

folder contains the database of all your contacts.

Response message

In Response section you can edit your message that will be sent automatically to incoming messages that correspond to the specified rules. To edit the message select it and click Edit button.


Bulk Mailer - General Settings

In Conditions section you can either edit or delete the rules.
strong> Optional Actions

In the Conditions tab of the autoresponder and on the Opt-Out tab of the Follow-up autoresponder you can find a checkbox labeled "Forward the original message to". If you want to forward the original message (to make an opt-in request) to someone, mark this checkbox and click Options button.

Bulk Mailer - General Settings

After clicking the Options button, you'll see a window Forwarded Message Options. It will allow to set up or change forwarded messages options. As for example, you can change the From line, the Reply-to line, sign the message, convert the message to plain text, add header and footer to the message and so on.

Sending the New Message to
If you want to send a notification of forwarded messages that correspond to the particular rules to another email address, you should mark checkbox next to Send the New message to line and enter type in the email address. Click edit button to customize the message.


Bulk Mailer - General Settings

Advanced tab allows to set up additional conditions on incoming messages processing, in particular on unprocessed, bounced and looping messages. You can forward all unprocessed messages to one or more email addresses.

As for Bounced messages (not deliverable emails that are returned to sender), you can remove them from your database if they meet the following conditions:

  • cannot deliver to email address ( this point is recommended, since if the program cannot deliver the message to the recipient, it means that the email address is invalid or non-existing )

  • the sender was blocked

  • a temporary condition causes the delivery to fail

To prevent looping you can mark checkboxes next to Ignore messages with X-Loop header field and Use X-FX-Loop header field protection.