FollowUp Autoresponder


Email Autoresponder supports follow-up (or sequential) autoresponses. It is used to send out a sequence of autoresponder messages in specified period of time instead of one message. As for example, you can send the first response message immediately upon receiving the message. The second message can be sent in two days and the third message in a week.

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How to Create a Follow-up Autoresponder

A follow-up autoresponder is made exactly in the same way as a simple autoresponder. The only difference is that you have to specify the sequence of messages. To invoke the wizard for creating a follow-up autoresponder click New button in the Follow-up tab.

Create Follow-up  Messages

Open the Response message tab and click New button to open the message editor window. Create the message, enter the email address into the "From" field or click the From button and select the email address. Then enter Subject line text.

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To set the period of time, go to Advanced tab and select the interval in schedule section.

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Click Save button to save your changes.

Processing Opt-out Requests.

You can add opt-out option for the recipients either on "Responder Wizard" step or in Opt-out tab.

Unsubscribe requests can be handled either manually or automatically. The follow-up autoresponder can automatically mark users as not active upon receiving unsubscribe requests. To activate opt-out option mark Enable opt-out by email checkbox.

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Select Every incoming message that meets the following conditions and specify the condition. To specify the condition you can either click Wizard or Add button. Usually the message with unsubscribe request contains words like Unsubscribe, Remove or Opt-out in the subject line or the body of the message.