Every autoresponder has its own database where the contacts / mailing lists are stored. Email Autoresponder can automatically add email addresses to the database of contacts upon receiving a message corresponding to previously set rules.

To view your database just click Mail & Contacts tab and select Contacts node from the tree.

Bulk Mailer - General Settings

Managing Contacts Manually

You can create new contact simply by clicking Add button. This will open Contact Properties window. You should enter at least the email address. The name of the contact is optional. Click OK to save the changes.

Bulk Mailer - General Settings

To edit a contact select it and click Edit button on the toolbar. This will bring up the "Contact Properties" window. Change the value of email address in the Email textbox and Recipient name in the Name textbox then click OK button.

To delete an email from the list, select email or emails then click the Delete button on the toolbar.

Follow-Up Status for a Contact

In Follow-up autoresponder section the contacts have additional properties, such as Status, Next Follow-up and Last Sent Time.

Bulk Mailer - General Settings

If you unmark the Active checkbox, it will cancel the sending of follow-up messages to this contact.

"Next follow-up" list box displays the number of the next follow-up message to be sent to this user. You can change next follow-up message for user by clicking the "Next follow-up" list box and selecting a follow-up message from the list.

"Last sent time" is a read-only textbox which displays the time the last message was sent to this user. This time is used to determine when the next follow-up message should be sent.