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Email marketing is an easy way to advertize and promote any product. All email marketer should do is send email messages to his subscribers. However, to succeed in email marketing campaign email marketer should obtain a wide database of subscribers' email addresses, which is always up-to-date. He/she has to send lots of email messages per day, even per hour, to get a positive feedback. To be able to perform such bulk mailings email marketer should always consider the list hygiene as one of the main particularities of email marketing.

To keep email marketing list clear and updated you have to use special email verification software. Such software will be able to examine your list in just minutes to determine almost all the bad email addresses in it and clear them. Otherwise the abundance of bad email addresses will probably cause you such problems as large quantity of bounce replies, blocking by ISPs, etc. Besides that you will have to spend extra time on sending email messages to bad addresses, while you could spend it on improvements or something else. Thus the cleaning of your email list is not only strongly recommended, but also is necessary. For such purpose you may use Email Verifier, which can be downloaded from our web site.

The Email Verifier will help you determine if email addresses from you marketing list are still valid. Email validation procedure is performed very quickly (around 50.000 email addresses per hour) and is very effective. Imagine you will be able to increase your email sending speed, because of deleted emails. The software is easy to use and there won’t be any problems with its installation. The interface is clear and doesn’t require special knowledge to run the procedure. You can download the lists imported form Excel, Html, Word, Text, and other sources. The Utility is compatible with Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista.

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