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To lead a successful email marketing campaign an email marketer is in need of email marketing list of a high quality. It is a vital part of all email marketing business. The database of email addresses allows advertizing and promoting different products the same as keep in touch with subscribers through newsletters. The process of the list expansion is one of the key moments in email marketing. It should be permanent, and email marketer should take it carefully and with responsibility. An up-to-date email marketing list guarantees the efficiency of email campaign. But its worst particularity is that the emails in it use to become dead. Thus email marketer should always take care of email verification and taking bad emails from the list.

The problem of bad email addresses in your email marketing list is a constant one. The solution is use of special email marketing software designed to determine valid email addresses in your list and clean those bad addresses from it. Email validation procedure is able to improve the quality of you list to a significant degree, thus saving you precious time and preventing you from extra expenditures. Using email address verification software will allow you manage you email marketing list. The procedure of email verification takes only some minutes to progress it, but cutting out the list prevents you from tons of bounced emails, which are not only useless spend of time and money, but also the risk of being blocked.

On our Web site you can find special email verification software. Email Verifier is an advanced email marketing solution. Its validation capacity is equal to 50.000 validated addresses per hour. The addresses to validate may be imported from different sources – as from internal, for example Excel or Word, so as from external, such as MS SQL, Oracle, etc. Email Verifier successfully removes bad and duplicated email addresses. It also is able to merge or split two or more lists to perform the verification loop simultaneously.

You can download the Email Verifier here, or its light version here.

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