Email Validation

Email Verifier Professional - Fast Email Addresses Verification

It is very important in email marketing to keep email address list clean and fresh. An email address on average exists about three years. Emailing to abandoned addresses is the cause of hard bounces and as a result a lot of ISP servers often block sender's email domain for sending emails to null email addresses.

The email validation solution is special software for email address verification. Such software identifies bad email addresses and invalid domain names. All you have to do is import your email address list into the program and it will automatically verify every email you have on your email marketing list. The verification progression is fast enough, but still the speed depends on the size of your email address list, your Internet connection and its speed.

After completing the email validation you get the report and can analyze it for you purposes and you can export good addresses to your new email addresses list. This updated list you can use safely at any time.

We suggest you using Email Verifier, which can be used independently or simultaneously integrated with Bulk Mailer that will definitely widen your possibilities. These tools can be downloaded from our site for a moderate pay. Or you can buy a lighter version of Email Verifier - Email Verifier Lite.

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