Email address validation

Email Verifier - Fast Email Addresses VerificationThe procedure of email address validation should be undertaken often enough to keep your marketing list clean of ban emails, which create a lot of bounce emails. It is possible (though not very efficient) to verify the addresses "manually" sending from time to time confirmation messages to your subscriber but the situation changes when the volume of your email addresses list reaches several thousand recipients or even considerably larger volume. The problem has its solution – to use email address validation software.

Email address validation software will allow you manage your list of subscribers and keep its hygiene. In most cases all you have to do is to import email address list and click "Verify" button. You verify and clean up you emailing list from bounced and undeliverable email addresses automatically. Using email address verification tools you save you time and money, because after the check you won’t need to send extra emails not knowing if they reach the recipient. After email validation you will be sure that the work with you list will be efficient and you won't get bad reports. Tons of bounces will completely disappear from your statistics. Most email verification software makes it possible to check the list through more than one level of validation and after the verification you are able to get report on it.

In most cases you can find such software online, on sites dedicated to email marketing. Generally email addresses validation software the same as other email marketing software are shareware programs.

On our site you can download shareware or purchase such email verification software as Email Verifier and Email Verifier Lite.

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