Check Email Address

check emailEmail marketing presupposes you have a large enough list of email addresses. And one of the most important actions you should undertake to cut down time and money expenses is check email addresses you have on your marketing contact list. To keep it clear means half of your success. It is quite easy to do using special programs, which also are called email verifiers. The main task such software performs is checking if the email address is still valid or not and delete bad emails from your database.

Email verifier is one of such programs. The features of this software are wide enough to satisfy even the most refined demands. Form the most distinguished options the program has is email address verification on three different levels:

  • Syntax check (Email Verifier marks all deliberately nonexistent email addresses)
  • Domain name check (Email Verifier marks the addresses with nonexistent domain names)
  • Existence of email address in SMPT server (Email Verifier marks email addresses which are inaccessible on SMPT server)
In spite of such accurate email check the time which Email Verifier uses to perform the task is quite little, though the results are impressive. Almost 90% of bad email addresses vanish from your email marketing list, which increases effectiveness while working with it. What can cause some troubles is the volume of your email marketing list. A huge list may take too much time to be verified, so it would be more convenient to consider one of Email Verifier options and make step-by-step verification that presupposes that simultaneously you run your

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