Business mailing list, how to verify email addresses

Email Verifier - Fast Email Addresses VerificationIt is often happens that an email marketer collaborates not only with usual subscribers and potential customers, but also with business agents of all kind of spheres. So in front of email marketer arises a great task: to organize a B2B email marketing list. It is quite difficult. To create a business-to-business email marketing list is harder than to manage business-to-customer email marketing list. You have to put in good order a wide range of different data, so that later you would be able to reach needed business agents and market them your goods or services or target your direct marketing list according to your needs.

Business-to-business email marketing list can be purchased. There are a lot of organizations, which offer B2B email lists. Most of them guarantee the quality of such lists. But it is always better to make it by you to be sure the list will fully correspond to your email marketing strategy and the email marketing campaign will lead to success. The solution as to the success of your email marketing campaign is an extremely well targeted list.

There are several ways to organize your B2B so that it could provide you with needed data with ease. You can sort out your B2B mailing list by business spheres you consider would be interested in you offers. Thus you will be able to know exactly what kind of product to advertize to a specific business audience. The direct email marketing list oriented mainly on business agents should contain also the following information about your potentials:

  • Yearly Sales Total
  • Business Type
  • Executive Title Code
  • Gender
  • Hotline Flag
  • Location Type
  • Number of Employees
  • Ownership Indicator
  • Standard Industry Code
  • Years in Business

Such information will help you better track your email marketing campaign and make it a well targeted one, which guarantees you good results in statistics and success in general.

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