Email Marketing

Email marketing is a new tool in advertising and communicating messages which are targeted at promoting products to a wide audience. This means of marketing includes a direct contact using electronic mail. Speaking in other words, e-mail messages sent to the customers both potential and current are regarded as email marketing.

Email marketing sometimes is confused with SPAM. Spam is considered as email messages sent without the users' permissions. Spam differs a lot from direct email marketing. Spammers collect email addresses using illegal methods such as collecting form forums, on-line billboards, guest books, and etc. As a matter of fact, spam doesn't contain information the users are interested in. Email marketing list is permission based.

All email marketing tools can be roughly divided in three parts: retention email, direct email, and advertising in other people's emails.

Retention email means a regularly sent newsletter mailings. Such email newsletters usually include a kind of promotional message containing useful information, but the main aim is to establish a long-term relationships with the customers.

As a rule, direct emails contain a promotional or advertising message. The email are sent to current or potential customers. The list of customers can be either created by the marketers or rented form a company which specializes in mailing lists. To possess your own list is better, because rented list could be yours for a limited period. You also can be absolutely sure you obtain a permission based email list, which is very important.

The third way how your ads can come to the recipients is by means of other people's emails. Some people create email newsletters in order to sell advertising space.

Email Marketing Software

Due to different kind of specialized email software the process of sending thousands newsletters became very easy and controllable. This site is dedicated to email marketing software. Here you can buy and download different kinds of programs that will help you establish control over your email marketing campaign. The tools we offer can easy manage mailing lists and create personalized HTML messages. Different sort of email verifiers will help you reduce your bounce emails, but with help of direct mailers you will be able easily send tons of emails per day, manage mailing lists, create personalized HTML messages, etc.

Downloaded software will allow you create successful email campaign with minimum efforts. At the same time you will be able to enjoy all the advantages of email marketing, which are as following:

  • Low cost in addition to the wide range of potential consumers.

  • Nowadays the email sending is the cheapest way of communication.

  • This is a timesaving way of communication.

  • It is easy to track. An advertiser can do it via web bugs, bounce messages, unsubscribes, read-receipts, click-throughs, etc.

  • It is easy for marketers to administrate the target-group dividing and send them only information they are interested in.

  • The advertiser plays an active role while the web-site only waits for customers to come in, which presupposes a passive role in marketing process.

Email Marketing Studio

Email Marketing Software BundleSet of professional software for targeted bulk email marketing campaigns and email lists building at your desktop.

  • Use for email newsletters, targeted email campaigns, announcements
  • Email message personalization
  • Email messages templates
  • Built-in database to manage lists
  • Easy html message editing
  • Supports embedded images and flash

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