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Send Large Files by Email

Send Large Files by Email

Here are 10 top services that let you send large files.

You Send It

You Send It allows you to send files up to 100MB without creating an account. Upon uploading a file to You Send It, an email is sent to the recipient, where they are given a link to download the file. The download is available for 7 days and includes advertising on the page.


MediaFire - Free unlimited uploads, unlimited downloads, unlimited bandwidth, multiple simultaneous downloads and no sign up required.
You can also easily access your files from anywhere with a free account and your own "My Files" page.

Send Space

Send Space is the best way to send large files too big for email attachments to friends, family and businesses, anywhere in the world. Send Space allows to send files up to 300MB.


Mail Big File

MailBigFile allows you without registration send files up to 100MB. MailBigFile also claims unlimited bandwidth, but since they cap it at 25 downloads per month, there are indeed limits.

Drop Send

DropSend free account provides you with 250MB of storage and up to 5 sends per month. Unlike some of the other services, you have to create an account in order to send a file. The company also offers a desktop client for both Windows and Mac.

Media Max is focused on storage, but also offers the option to share your files with others. With a free account, you can store files up to 25GB, but there's a catch: you can only send files up to 10MB with a total transfer limit of 1GB/mo.

Leap File

LeapFILE targets business and enterprise users focused on customized branding and security. The company's main products allows organizations to setup their own private labeled file exchange services.


zUpload offers up to 500MB to share a single file. A unique URL is generated for each file and is available for 30 days.


MyOtherDrive provides Internet users the ability to store online and share videos, music, photos - any file. The site provides each user with 5GB of storage space that can be selectively shared. Unlike other online storage sites, MyOtherDrive allows you to upload files in bulk (not one by one like so many sites do). The uploaded files can be any size (up to 2GB). The site allows users to create groups and share their folders selectively to these groups (friends, family, coworkers, etc.) . You can define as many groups as necessary and your friends can be placed in more than one group.


DivShare - Free Upload unlimited files, offers unlimited downloads, Files stay online forever.