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Free POP3 email services

Free POP3 email services

POP3 email services allow you to retrieve messages using an email client such as Outlook Express or Eudora. Here are Top Free POP3 email services.


Gmail - you can retrieve your Gmail messages with a client or device that supports POP3, like Microsoft Outlook or Netscape Mail.
Read here how to enable POP3 in your Gmail account .


Inbox provides 5 GB to store your mail. Inbox is a fast and functional service, offers fast web interface including rich text editing, threading and free-form labels. Inbox.com also have good spam and virus filtering.
Read Here how to enable POP3.


GMX - GMX is a robust and reliable email provider. GMX is the biggest provider of free email in Germany.  GMX have only German user interface.



Gawab provides Free POP3 email service with a generous 15MB of storage and a 15MB per-email limit, in 12 different languages. Offers a choice of themes for your mailbox, message filtering, plus spam and virus protection


BlueBottle provides Spam-Free Email using patent pending anti-spam technology to block and stop the spam. Bluebottle uses a simple challenge/response method to ensure that the only emails you receive are the ones you want to receive.



HotPOP - offer free POP3 accessible email addresses with many features you just can't find anywhere else.