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Find out how to configure Bulk Mailer's Relay Sending Mode

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The Relay Mode implies that the sending is performed via your ISP SMTP server. Before sending using the Relay Mode, you have to configure the settings. Click on Setting, select sending mode tab. You will find four sending modes. Change the relay mode settings. You'll be required to enter the email address, server name, the port number ( usually it is 25), username and password.

 If you are using an email client such as Outlook Express, Eudora or other, you can easily find the required data in the settings of your client. Open your email client. Go to Tools -> Accounts. Click on your account, then click on properties. In the General tab you'll find the email address.

Click on Servers tab. Copy your server's name, then the username and password, and fill in the required fields in Bulk Mailer's settings.

If the box next to "My Server requires authentication" is marked, click Settings.

You'll see the following window. Take the username and the password from the marked fields.